HOUSTON A mother of four fought back after she was robbed at gunpoint at a southwest Houston ATM.

Tammy Reed stopped at the Chase Bank in the 9500 block of Bissonnet to make a deposit.

I m sitting in the car, I seen, you know how you glimpse up and know something is coming across the car? Reed said.

That s when a masked man with a gun creeped up on her.

I just looked at him, more shocked that it happened to me, Reed said. He was like, B, give me the money. I m like OK.

When she didn t hand over the cash, the gunman grabbed it.

He just got mad and snatched the money, Reed said. He took my phone.

Reed said that was the last straw.

I just got upset. I put my car in drive and I ran after him, Reed said. I almost got him... went from zero to 60 just like that.

When the robber jumped into a getaway car, Reed slammed into it.

From there, he shot at me. That s when I backed off. Reality kicked in, Reed said.

Police say the same thing happened to a male customer three days earlier. He was robbed at the same ATM by a guy who jumped out of nowhere and grabbed his cash.

Reed hopes cops catch up with the robber soon.

It just made me mad. How can you just take something from me? I work hard, Reed said. You need to get a job. I have kids I have to take care of.

The getaway car is described as a champagne-colored Chevy Impala with heavy damage on the driver s side door.

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