HOUSTON -- From Friday through Sunday, Texas shoppers won t have to pay state or local sales tax on most back-to-school supplies and clothes.

Eligible items must $100 or less. The list includes most backpacks and lunch boxes, rulers, notebooks, pencils, paper and pens.

State officials estimate shoppers will save more than $74 million in taxes over the weekend. The tax break is available for online shopping as well.

The Better Business Bureau suggests shoppers make a list, create a budget and check for store discounts before heading out.

We reduce a lot of prices for this time of year, explained Walmart Store Manager Paul D Spain. When you have a lot of clearance on apparel, a lot of reductions on socks and underwear, things like that, especially the reductions on some of the basic back-to-school items, of course that s a big incentive for customers to come out.

The BBB warns shoppers to watch for advertisements that say back-to-school. According to the BBB, those sales don't always match the state's list of eligible items.

Click here for more information on the state's website.

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