HOUSTON A 68-year-old Walmart cashier was pepper sprayed Thursday after she asked to see a man s receipt.

It happened at the Walmart located in the 13400 block of the Northwest Freeway.

Connie Johnson said she thought the man looked suspicious because his merchandise wasn t bagged.

I was out here by myself in the Garden Center, nobody else was around. This guy came strolling through, Johnson said. I walked over and asked him to see his receipt. He proceeded to act like he was looking for a receipt, which, I guess, he really wasn t because his merchandise wasn t in a bag.

Johnson said the man had a shopping cart with clothes and other items in it.

I m standing there waiting for him to bring up a receipt, she said. Then when he came up, he went that, she said demonstrating how the man pepper sprayed her.

It was scary, I didn t know if I would ever be able to see for one. Because it stings. And it went all around here. It felt like my skin was burning, she said.

The man took off in a light-colored car.

That s not my job to run on out, my job is to ask him if he has a receipt, she said. God bless him, I hope it never happens to his mother.

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