HOUSTON -- A local high school baseball player is looking forward to fulfilling his Major League dreams.

Quincy McAfee has been playing baseball since he was a young boy. According to his mother Michelle McAfee, they lived in a rough neighborhood.

There was a lot of fighting, a lot of drug dealing, Michelle said.

Michelle was determined to keep her son out of trouble. She allowed him to play baseball with his big sister.

Michael Lopez, Quincy's uncle, went to their baseball practices.

He would go to her practices and he would just mimic everything she did, Lopez said.

Lopez helped teach baseball to his nephew.

He would just do things on the field and he would just do things that parents would be just amazed,

Quincy attends Belk Baseball Academy, run by former Major League baseball player Tim Belk. At the academy, they try and get young players ready for the big league.

The way that he moved his feet and his athletic ability was way above anyone that I had seen so far, Belk said.

Quincy is now a sophomore at Westside High School. he has been taking lessons for seven years and his stats rank among the best in the country.

He knows he has a long and hard road ahead of him, but he is confident he will play on a field like Minute Maid Park in the near future.

Belk believes he is going to be a big star too.

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