HOUSTON Residents fed up with crime helped police nab a suspect who ran through their neighborhood while trying to get away from police.

The young man was taken into custody early Wednesday following a chase in southwest Houston. The search for his three accomplices continues.

It was just after 4.a.m. when officers spotted a speeding pick-up they suspected may have been stolen. They attempted to pull it over and four men jumped out.

Officers started chasing the suspects on foot in a neighborhood near W. Orem Drive and Buffalo Speedway. Police say the men tried to break into a woman s home and tried to shoot one of her dogs. The dog wasn t hurt.

The suspects then ran through several neighbor s yards until one of the homeowners took out his shotgun.

I aimed at one coming that way, and then one coming the other way. I don t know if I hit them or not, said the neighbor who didn t want his name used.

They won t be back, his wife said. They re not stupid enough.

HPD says the suspect taken into custody was slightly grazed by the gunfire spray

Police believe the men may have been planning to use the pick-up they were driving in a smash-and- grab ATM burglary. They found bolt cutters in the back of the truck.

The suspect who was taken into custody will be charged with evading arrest.

Officers say those charges may increase as they continue their investigation.

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