HOUSTON Residents in Sunnyside who are fed up by decaying streets sounded off Tuesday near the scene of an emergency repair on Noel Street.

It is absolutely severely dangerous, said Carma Horton. It s life threatening.

Residents were worried by a hole that first appeared in the street three months ago, and had grown to about seven and a half feet deep.

Some people said they had called the city to complain and nothing had been done.

I called it in, said Clara Garrison. They said we ve got the case number and we ll send somebody out. They never sent anybody out.

People in the area were also concerned about roads that appeared to be caving in.

The president of the local civic association took measurements along a portion of Groveton Street, which had sunken in, creating a two-foot deep ledge.

Travis Mcgee called it a deadly hazard.

If they flip over back here, no one is going to be able to find them, said Mcgee. It s dark. It s pitch black here at night and everything else.

Neighbors said they ve called 311 to complain about the road conditions hundreds of times.

A crew from public works showed up and an official blamed the hole on a collapsed sewer line.

Road crews were expected to cover it up and make fixes to other streets in the area.

Councilmember Wanda Adams said Public Works planned to reassess a number of roads and scrape down and repave streets where needed.

She said the work would be paid for through funds collected by the city s drainage fee.

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