HOUSTON An 18-year-old is behind bars after police said he tried to set fire to his ex-girlfriend s northwest Houston home, which was caught on surveillance cameras.

Jesus Aguinaga faces arson charges after dousing 20-year-old Maritza Roman s home with lighter fluid and set it on fire, police said.

The alleged incident happened about three weeks ago at her Saratoga Drive home.

The guy put gasoline, all on the window and everything, said Gavencio Roman, the victim s father.

Surveillance footage shows someone emptying a container as he walks along the side of the home. Then, the suspect is shown lighting the fluid and fleeing the scene.

Me, my cousin were in the house listening to music, and my mom called me saying the neighbor saw something outside and to come outside quickly, said Gustavo Roman, the victim s younger brother.

The family went outside and saw the grass burning. Luckily, the neighbors were able to put the fire out before it spread.

The Roman family is stunned by Aguinaga s alleged actions, because they said he use to spend a lot of time with them at their gatherings.

We would play FIFA, the PS3 video games, Gustavo Roman said. He was pretty cool. I would like to ask him why, why did he do it?

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