SUMMERWOOD, Texas -- Thieves in northeast Harris County have homeowners second guessing their safety after five homes were targeted in one afternoon.

The criminals struck on Thursday in the Summerwood subdivision near Lake Houston. Several homeowners there returned home to a mess after the bad guys smashed in through front doors and windows.

The thieves used landscaping rocks from peoples front yards to shatter glass. Three homes were burglarized, and police say the crooks attempted to break into two more homes.

You think you re secure in your community. At least you hope you are. To have people come and violate that is tragic, said neighbor Phil Pierpont.

Most of the homes in the neighborhood have front doors that are partially made of glass. Most of the homes targeted have alarm systems, but that did not stop these criminals from getting in.

They re not thinking. They re very bold. I don t know how to think like that, said Allen Mika, whose home was burglarized.

The thieves took a rock from Mika s front yard and hurled it through his front door. Mika believes the criminals were not able to open the door because of a double deadbolt.

The criminals then smashed through a front window and crawled inside. They ransacked Mika s home and stole jewelry and electronics.

We feel like the number one thing they were looking at, there were no cars in the driveway, Mika said.

Houston Police said on Friday that there were a number of leads in the case. An investigator told KHOU that he expected to release more information next week.

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