HOUSTON -- A Houston great grandmother, who can barely walk, plans to go to the state s driver license office.

But 91-year-old Alicia Vara doesn t want a license.

It s an ID she s after so she can vote.

Texas now requires all voters to show an official identification before casting a ballot.

Vara has always used her voter registration card.

A Supreme Court ruling involving the Voting Rights Act cleared the way for Texas to require the picture ID.

Jesse Goins, a precinct judge in Houston s East End, is worried the law will stop some people from casting a ballot.

People in this area are intimidated by the government. People are afraid to turn to the government and they are certainly not going to get a Texas ID to vote, she says.

Others argue the law will help prevent voter fraud. The State s Attorney General says there have been about an average of four voter fraud cases a year in Texas.

The law takes effect immediately.

That means Vara will soon be getting an ID.

She has not missed an election in 60 years and doesn t plan to miss one now.

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