HOUSTON Houston police were trying to track down two suspects who opened fire on an armored vehicle in northwest Houston Wednesday afternoon.

An HFD fire truck and an ambulance were in the 2200 block of Wirt Road near Kempwood for a medical call when they heard shots ring out. They saw at least two suspects firing shots at a white armored van nearby and immediately called for help.

A citizen who was at a nearby carwash also saw the two suspects. He described the scene as sheer chaos with bullets flying in every direction.

I ducked down trying not to get shot. After we got up, I saw them running down. One was wearing a black hoodie with a 9 millimeter, the other had a gray hoodie with an AK47, said Andres Mora.

Mora believes they fired off between 15 and 20 rounds at the van.

By the time police arrived, the suspects were gone. They were seen fleeing toward Mangum and 18th Street.

Police were gathering shell casings and other evidence left at the scene to assist in the investigation.

There is no confirmation of any injuries.

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