HOUSTON - It s a different kind of makeover -- a retail intervention to help makeup mavens save money.

Label lovers, brand loyalists, etc. are those women who are not willing to budge when it comes to buying cosmetics. But they may be willing to think again after a visit to the drug store for a replacement makeover.

For mother-of-two Molly Fink, it s all about the makeup big brand names. Her need for it, however, comes at a high price.

I would definitely love to spend less money, especially on something like that for myself, because it feels a little selfish, says Fink.

Professional makeup artist and aesthetician Leanne George says the best way to save is a makeover -- a replacement makeover -- replacing the expensive with frugal finds.

People say you get what you pay for, but now days they use a lot of the same ingredients, says George.

She helps molly make the money-saving swap at a drug store. The biggest savings are packed in pencils.

Women waste a lot of money on mascara, eyeliners where you can really cut corners with that, says George.

She spends $2 to $7 for a lip, eye, or brow pencil that s just as effective.

Another super swap: bronzer budget-friendly Rimmel Rocks.

It s a nice matte, not too brown not too orange bronzer. Also that s a price point of $5.99 where your Mac was $25.

Concealer was also an easy one to swap out.

At the end of the day, Molly s makeup cost her $70 at the pharmacy. The name brand stuff at a department store would have cost more than $300.

Back in front of the mirror, Leanne helps make Molly up with her replacements.

One last swap suggestion: instead of buying different color lip pencils, you can do a transparent lip liner. It works with any color lipstick. Also forget spray tans and try a more natural and far less expensive daily moisturizer with a self tanner.

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