TAYLOR LAKE VILLAGE, Texas -- Neighbors are still looking for answers after a Memorial Day weekend shooting in the Timber Cove subdivision that left one man dead.

All the benches inside Taylor Lake Village City Hall were full of neighbors wanting to know why no one has been charged in the case.

This sends a message to our community that we don't care about people who are less than, said Larissa Botik. If you have money, if you live on the water and you're a doctor and you make a threat, you're good to go.

A well-to-do doctor claims it was self-defense when he shot and killed 36-year-old Brandon Smith. Police said Smith crashed a crawfish boil at the doctor's house, got kicked out and went back later.

Smith's dad says his son was walking his dog the second time. He said Smith had a brain injury and was gunned down in the street and not on anyone's property.

This is senseless, just absolutely senseless, said Stanley Briers.

Lakeview Police Chief Tom Savage said lab results are not back yet so the case hasn't been handed over to the Harris County District Attorney's office.

No toxicology testing was done even though the doctor admitted to the dispatcher that he had been drinking.

I don't think he's realized yet what the problem was when this incident happened, Briers said. He had a major crime scene on his hands and he did nothing about it.

Chief Savage did tell the residents at the meeting that the lab results will tell Smith's side of the story, and that the case will end up going to trial.

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