HOUSTON Houston police are investigating yet another ATM smash-and-grab that happened in the north Houston area over the past few weeks.

This one happened Tuesday morning at a 24-hour convenience store on the North Freeway at Rittenhouse.

Police said a clerk was inside the store around 6 a.m. when a stolen pickup truck came crashing through the building. The store was actually open for business when the bold thieves drove right through the window.

That s crazy, they steal someone s truck and drive it through a window, been happening a lot here, one shocked customer said.

There were at least nine surveillance cameras on the property, but that did not stop the suspects who hauled off the ATM machine and fled the scene.

Police later found the stolen truck about six miles away. The crooks also left behind the banged up ATM.

ATM thefts have happened to at least six other stores in the last week. The crashes cost businesses thousands of dollars in damage and make it not so convenient for customers anymore.

They have to stop these guys, have to stop them somewhere, another customer said.

Police are hoping they will. They said there is good surveillance video of the crime.

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