HOUSTON A local family is suing Harris County in a desperate attempt to get answers about their son s shooting.

In December of 2012, Devon Gordon, 17, had reportedly threatened suicide while he was at North Shore High School. A deputy had handcuffed him and put him in a cruiser when Gordon apparently shot himself in the head.

Now Gordon s father says the constable s office refuses to tell him anything about what happened that day, including where the gun came from and, if it belonged to his son, why was it not confiscated?

My whole family is suspicious we ve had family meetings and discussions about it -- you shouldn t be hiding public information on your own children, said Lynn Gordon. We should have all the information regardless of what s in that report. Period.

At the time, officials said they had patted down Gordon, but didn t find a weapon. Gordon s father said the gun didn t belong to his son.

Gordon survived the shooting and just started walking again.

Precinct 3 said it hasn t released more information because the investigation is ongoing.

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