AUSTIN -- It's the latest in high tech weaponry and it's being made right here in Austin.

The Tracking Point company began three-and-a-half years ago. The goal was to change the platform for long-range hunting and target shooters.

Now this high tech system is bringing rifles to a whole new level.

August Crocker has been shooting since the age of eight.

I've been a competitive shooter for most of my life, he said.

Now Crocker works for a company that's created what's called the world's first precision-guided firearm.

There is nothing else like it out there, Crocker said.

Unlike conventional rifles, the one by Tracking Point has a ballistics tracker and laser range finder. You can also stream video and audio to an iPad, Facebook and YouTube.

The gun is incredibly accurate at up to 1200 yards and takes into account factors that would make shooting with a regular rifle a losing battle.

As a conventional shooter even 500 yards is extremely difficult to master but with our system it's not, Crocker said.

Pressing the red button next to the trigger locks a laser on the target.

When your target is tagged, you pull the trigger and the gun decides when to shoot, waiting until the weapon is in exactly the right spot.

Some are afraid criminals could take advantage of the Tracking Point technology.

The company says since it does not sell through gun dealers, it knows who its customers are.

We sell direct, utilizing the same local and federal laws and background check channels to secure each purchase, Crocker said.

Tracking Point has been overwhelmed with orders, and plans to sell several hundred rifles along with the ammunition for them this year.

A Tracking Point rifle can run as much as $27,000.

We're told the Federal Government is also interested in the new rifle.

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