WASHINGTON-- President Barack Obama says the Internal Revenue Service s targeting of conservative groups is outrageous and anyone involved needs to be held fully accountable.

Obama says at a news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron that people are properly concerned about the IRS s targeting of conservative political groups. The president says he first learned of it when news reports broke on Friday.

Obama says he has no patience for it and will not tolerate a specific targeting of groups.

On Friday, the IRS apologized for scrutinizing the tax-exempt status of groups with conservative titles such as Tea Party or Patriot in their applications. An upcoming inspector general s report obtained by The Associated Press says IRS supervisors knew about the targeting as early as 2011.

Republicans have condemned the targeting.

Also Monday, Sen. Max Baucus said the Senate Finance Committee will investigate, joining a growing list of congressional panels looking into the matter.

The Finance Committee would be the first in the Democratic-controlled Senate to announce an investigation.

The Montana Democrat is the panel s chairman.

In the House, the Ways and Means Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, also are investigating.

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