Harris County - What happened to the Limon sisters occurred in plain view of their five small children and was all caught on video.

Last week, deputies with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable s Office entered Jennifer Limon s home without a warrant and arrested her for failing to identify herself.

Watch closely, said Quanell X, a local activist as he shared the video at a news conference Thursday.

The conference comes a day after KHOU 11 News first reported about the arrest that sparked an Internal Affairs complaint against the deputies.

He just had no sympathy whatsoever, because my kids were all there watching, Limon said.

I m just traumatized and shocked. I never thought this was going to happen, Rebecca Limon said.

But a spokesperson for the constable s office blames the women for what happened, because they refused to give the deputies their names.

The deputies went to the apartment to conduct a follow-up investigation into a string of armed robberies that allegedly involve Jennifer Limon s former boyfriend.

The spokesperson also said the matter is under internal review. However, that s not good enough for a local activist who s demanding an outside investigation.

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