HOUSTON -- Netflix just dropped hundreds of titles from its library, leaving classic movie lovers with less to choose from.

Netflix confirmed that on Wednesday it removed 1,800 titles from its lineup. The cuts included some popular items, like the classic James Bond film Goldfinger and all the South Park episodes and specials.

Warner Brothers, MGM and Universal Movies were removed from the library since their license for the content expired May 1.

In a tweet, Warner Brothers said the decision was entirely Netflix s. At the same time, however, the studio is preparing to launch a movie streaming service of its own, leading some to assume WB pulled its films so it d have exclusivity.

Many fear this is a trend that will continue as new streaming services come online. The end result could be Netflix gets picked apart, and you end up subscribing to multiple services just to have a good selection.

Netflix says it carefully programs its lineup, and on the day it removed 1,800 titles, it added 500 new ones.

For now, many people still consider Netflix to be the best overall value. Here s a quick look at how it compares to Amazon and Redbox:

>> Netflix - approx. 14,000 titles - $7.99/month
>> Amazon approx. 17,000 titles - $79/year
>> Redbox Instant approx. 5,000 titles - $8/month

Redbox Instant is the newcomer to the crowd. Not sure which one to go with? Check out each service to see which one has the collection of titles you like the most it may be worth the price difference.

View a list of titles removed on the May 1 purge:

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