HOUSTON -- At least two drive through break-ins were caught on camera early Thursday morning.

At a convenience store located near Sam Houston Parkway and Antoine Drive in northwest Houston, the world was turned upside down by a couple of would be burglars in search of easy money.

It was 4 o clock Thursday morning. The store was open for business and customers were coming and going.

Surveillance video showed the storefront explode as a white pickup truck crashed through the front window. Two suspects emerge and briefly tried to lift the ATM, but give up after a few attempts.

The store s owner said he still feels vulnerable and asked not to be identified.

When you re in this kind of business, it s a dangerous business, he said. It doesn t matter where you are.

Down the road and about 30 minutes earlier, a Chevron Food Mart was hit by a truck fitting the same description.

Houston police say there have been roughly four or five smash and grabs in as many days.

There s a better way to make money, said customer Cyntia Lemonia. It s called getting a job. That s a better way to make money.

Police said the suspects involved in this week s rash of smash and grabs did not get away with any money.

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