HOUSTON A woman miraculously escaped harm Wednesday after being shot at by an attempted carjacker in east Houston.

The woman walked out of her job at the Shell Gas Station on the East Freeway at Normandy around 10 go to her car.

A man approached her car in the parking lot and asked for money. The woman was frightened and locked her doors, and the suspect tried to open the door.

The woman then sped off and the suspect began shooting, firing off multiple rounds.

The bullet flattened her left rear tire, entered just below her gas tank, skidded across the back seat and pierced the driver s seat.

It grazed her in the back, but did not break her skin.

She did not initially hear the shots being fired. She felt the impact hit at her back, said Sgt. L. E. Gibson, Houston Police Department. There was no penetration. The force was stopped by the seat.

The woman, who was visibly shaken, felt lucky to be alive.

She s very, very fortunate, Gibson said.

Police said the victim did not know the gunman. Witnesses told police he d been hanging around the station for about 30 minutes before the shooting.

The suspect fled the scene and remains on the loose.

Oh my God, that s horrible, said Francisca Reyes. I ve been coming to this gas station for years. That is very scary.

Customers said they ll be on alert now.

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