HOUSTON - A west Houston man who was in critical condition after three men used a can of gasoline to set him on fire Sunday has died.

Houston Police are searching for the men who committed the crime.

HPD said neighbors awoke to screams from the victim at approximately 4:15 a.m. The man, who has not been identified, was tearing at his shirt to remove it, but when he did his body was still on fire.

It was horrible, said a neighbor of the Brompton Square Apartments on Witte Road near Long Point who heard the man s screams and rushed to help him.

It was a horrible screaming. It was bad, she said asking not to be identified because she fears for her safety.

She grabbed a fire extinguisher from her apartment but said it didn t work. Other neighbors removed their own clothing and used it to smother the flames as the man rolled into a roadside ditch at the front entrance to the apartment complex. Witnesses said he was burned all over his body.

Police said they believe there was some sort of argument that preceded the attack. The three men, of whom police were not able to give a specific description, ran away as neighbors rushed in to help the critically injured man.

Other neighbors of the Brompton Square Apartments said the attack, which happened directly in front of their apartments, is the final straw that will force them to leave.

It s horrible. That shouldn t be happening, said Stephanie Reyes, who says the area has been plagued by crime and that apartment management had issued recent warnings about a suspicious man going door to door.

Curtis Charles said he does not feel safe, especially after the Sunday morning attack.

No, not at all. I can t wait until the lease is up to leave. I don t recommend anybody to come here, nobody, said Charles.

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