CONROE -- A woman is hoping police can quickly find the man who tied her up and tried to rape her at her apartment in Conroe.

I haven't been able to sleep, said the 26-year-old woman. I feel like if I go to sleep he will be there.

The attempted rape occurred at the Woodcluster Apartments located in the 300 block of Gladstell in Conroe.

I was asleep and it was my day off, the woman said. I felt someone started to touch me. I turned around and I see him with a knife in his hand.

She told police she woke up and found a man in her bedroom with a knife and wearing a mask.

He said, Take off your blouse and the bra. He touched me, she said. Then he said, Take off your pants. Then I told him, I m on my period.

The woman said the predator tied her up. She said she couldn t get a good look at him and she s still wondering how he got into her apartment in the first place.

Conroe police are asking anyone with information to come forward before this suspect strikes again. Call the Conroe Police Department at 936-522-3200.

He asked when my period was going to be over and I said, Saturday is when it finishes, said the woman. He said, Ok, I will return on Saturday.

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