HOUSTON -- Harris County Sheriff s deputies are searching for the man who carjacked two women at gunpoint Monday morning.

It happened in broad daylight in the Home Depot parking lot near Interstate 45 and West Road just before noon.

Officials said a passenger in a car jumped out and ran up to two women.

He had us at gunpoint -- me and my friend. And, he robbed us, said a victim who didn't want to be identified.

The victim said the suspect stole her purse and demanded they both hand over the keys to their car. The vehicle is described as a black four-door Ford Crown Victoria.

One of their cellphones in the car had a find my phone app, so the victims and Harris County deputies started to track the phone.

The signal first took them to a dead-end street and into a wooded lot close to the store. Deputies then searched a nearby apartment complex for the stolen car.

One of the victims went to a T-Mobile store hoping employees there could help them pinpoint the phone s location, but in the end, neither the phone nor the stolen car was found.

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