HOUSTON A man accused of stabbing and severely beating a woman inside an abandoned Pasadena warehouse has been captured, police say, but only after they connected him to another disturbing crime involving a cremated woman s ashes.

Juanita Trevino, 51, was abducted outside a convenience store Thursday night and then forced into a warehouse across the street. Police said the suspect tried to rape her, but she fought back. Her attacker severely beat her, stabbed her, slashed her throat and left her for dead, investigators said.

A surveillance camera inside the store captured a picture of the suspect, which was on broadcast on television. That triggered an anonymous tip that helped lead to his capture, police said.

Another factor leading to his arrest was a crime of revenge against his former girlfriend, investigators said.

The night before the attack the same suspect broke into his ex-girlfriend s apartment and trashed her home, police said. He also smashed an urn containing the ashes of his former girlfriend s mother, scattering the remains around her home, police said.

Then he telephoned his ex-girlfriend twice to taunt her, police said. Police said the first time he called from a pay phone. The second time he called from the cell phone stolen off the woman left for dead inside the abandoned warehouse, police said.

Trevino, the victim of the attack, is recovering at her home. Her children, who said they didn t recognize her severely beaten face, said she s suffering a lot of pain.

She s making progress, said Crystal Trevino, her daughter. It ll be a long road to recovery. But she s a strong woman.

The suspect has a criminal history, including charges of murder and sexual abuse of a child. He has been charged with burglary, but police expected more charges to be filed later.

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