HOUSTON The vice president of KenMor Electric Incorporated was charged with a felony after he allegedly ripped off more than $300,000 worth of scrap metal and copper from his own company.

Fred Eugene Kuhn, 57, was charged with theft.

Police said from January 4, 2012 to February 19, 2013, Kuhn stole over $200,000 worth of scrap metal copper from his job and sold it for his own personal gain.

A top company official of Heicco LLC and the parent company for KenMor Electric Inc. contacted police on January 24, 2013 after suspecting that Kuhn was stealing.

Investigators ran Kuhn s name in the state s database for scrap metal and were led to AllStar Recycling, the scrap yard where Kuhn allegedly took the stolen material. When Kuhn did not go to the yard, he had one of his workers do it for him. That worker never received a dime of money, saying he was just following orders from his boss, so he was not charged, police said.

Police put together a photo lineup and showed it to a company employee at AllStar Recycling. The employee positively identified Kuhn and said he had been selling them copper for years. They also acknowledged that the other employee brought in material, as well.

The scrap yard employee then provided police with records for all of the past transactions. Money from the combined transactions totaled $304, 565. 25.

When investigators interviewed Kuhn, he allegedly told them that he had a gambling problem and owed the IRS.

Charges were filed and his bond was set at $600,000. Kuhn worked for KenMor since November 1978.

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