BAYTOWN, Texas -- At Kenneth s Paint and Body Shop in Baytown, they fix things. But who would have thought they could help fix a dance team.

It was very heart wrenching to see all the girls, especially the director upset, said co-owner Sharon Hammers, whose belongs to the Sterling Stars Dance Team.

Earlier this month, while taking part in a competition outside of San Antonio, someone sole the U-Haul containing the team s costumes, sets and props from their motel parking lot. In spite of not having their materials, the team managed to sweep the competition.

A few days later, Hammer quietly decided to donate the $10,000 needed to replace the stolen items.

They work all year long, said Hammers, and two hours a day after school every day.

Thank you, said dance team director Kelley Start. They know the true meaning of what this organization is all about. It s not about costumes, it s about support, and that s what the parents have given to us.

The donation could not have come at a better time. In a few weeks, the team will dance in their annual stage performance; and, now the show will go on as planned.

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