HOUSTON -- Former Gov. Mark White is speaking out in defense of a convicted killer on death row.

The trial of Duane Buck ignited outrage over testimony from a psychologist who claimed that he would pose a future danger because of his race.

It s unfair to have someone on death row if they re not supposed to be there, said former Gov. Mark White.

In 1995, Buck killed his former girlfriend and her male acquaintance, gunning them down. He also shot his own sister, but she survived.

Two years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed Buck s execution because a psychologist told jurors Buck posed a greater threat to society because he was black.

But the when the high court refused to hear the case, the stay was lifted.

Now, White and Buck's attorneys are demanding a new sentencing hearing, and they want the Harris County district attorney to support the move.

Buck s supporters believe he s guilty of the murders, but that he shouldn t have been sentenced to die based on his race.

The same psychologist involved in Buck s sentencing offered similar testimony in several other death row cases. All of those inmates were granted new sentencing hearings with the exception of Buck.

And now, instead of getting one, the state has taken further steps towards seeking a new execution date for him, said attorney Katherine Kase. That's not right.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals will ultimately decide.

A spokesperson for Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson said the office would act accordingly based on that ruling.

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