HOUSTON -- Houston police doesn t just deal with people. Officers respond to more than 10,000 vicious animal calls each year.

Houston police said six people were bitten by animals on Wednesday alone. KHOU 11 News Jeffery McShan went along with police as they responded to one of those cases.

Some people in the north Houston apartment complex located at Goodson and Airline Road said that a pit bull mix has been terrorizing them for more than a week.

There's a lot of kids around here, said resident Andrew Escamillo. We can t have that. She wanted to bite about three or four people, including myself.

Some residents said that they couldn t get into their cars unless they were armed.

So the police and the Bureau for Animal Regulation and Care, or BARC, were called.

Officers determined that the stray dog was a new mother protecting her young.

The BARC officer tried to catch her. He shot her twice with a tranquilizer, but the drugs didn t affect her.

After a little corralling, the pit bull mix was finally caught.

The BARC officer, along with HPD, then checked on her puppies.

The animal shelter says the mom will be allowed to nurse her young and, they will all be placed with a pre-qualified foster family.

As for their long-term future?

We already know what s going to happen, said Escamillo. It's a sad situation, but if people would take care of their dogs we wouldn't have that. It's just the world we live in.

BARC says it will do what it can to get the mom and her puppies into good homes.

BARC also said that they see a 50-percent increase in animal bites every spring break.

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