SAN ANTONIO -- Dr. Antonio Cavazos is making his rounds, but unlike most doctors he makes house calls.

Cavazos had a practice for more than 40 years, and in that time he saw there wasahuge number of patients that could not easily get to a doctor. So, he decided to make that his mission.

There are some patients that literally need an ambulance to go to a doctor s office. And there are other patients that have psychiatric issues, Cavazos said.

He started the company DAYS, or Doctor At Your Service, in 2010. They have three doctors that trek around town seeing more than 600 patients.
A medical assistant accompanies the doctor to each visit.

Other doctors can see more than 40 patients a day. But with all the driving and getting to know his patients, this doctor can only see about 10 to 15.

Cavazossayshe gets to see how a patient lives and what may be causing some of their problems just by paying personal visits. He says touching someone may be the best medicine a patient needs.

Currently DAYS treats adult patients and can go anywhere they re needed.They can make house calls, or go to a person s place of work. DAYS hopes to expand into pediatrics and help with parents that may have children that need care from home.

The doctor visits cost no more than a regular office visit. But he says part of his payment comes from his grateful patients.

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