VATTICAN CITY What is Dennis Rodman doing in Rome? The flamboyant basketball star was spotted by the media outside the Vatican Wednesday morning.

Dennis Rodman just walked past me here at the CBS Bureau in #Rome. Really. #khou #conclave, tweeted KHOU 11 News Anchor Ron Trevino.

On Rodman s Twitter page, he only tweeted one word: #Rome. But why was he there?

Well, according to the Associated Press, Rodman promised to be in St. Peter s Square on Wednesday in a makeshift popemobile as he campaigns for Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to become the first black pope.

None of the cardinals will see it, since they will be sequestered inside the Vatican walls. They are allowed to travel only from the Vatican hotel through the gardens to the Sistine Chapel and back until they have elected a pope. No telephones, no newspapers, no television, no tweeting.

So Rodman s presence may be more of a stunt to boost his own celebrity and will have basically no influence on the papal conclave.

Rodman is making his rounds around the worlds with bizarre visits. He just recently took heat for becoming BFFs with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, even offering advice for President Barack Obama to call his new bestie. He is also a current contestant on Donald Trump s Celebrity Apprentice All Stars.

From apprentices to dictators to priests and a future pope, Rodman is on a world tour of what s next?

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