THE WOODLANDS -- It can be difficult finding people who will adopt an older child with a troubled background, but a couple in The Woodlands has opened their hearts and home to several children in need.

Carlos and Ana Calderon left Central America when they were kids because it was too dangerous. Their parents sent them to Houston; and eventually, both of them ended up at Sam Houston State. They fell in love and got married. They tried to have children but could not.

That's when they adopted Amanda.

Ana says she was thrilled because she had always wanted to adopt.

Then came the call. Four siblings were in need of a safe and loving home. The couple said yes.

The Calderons said they could not stand the thought of Johnathan, Nick, Alexis and Isabel going into a life of foster care.

To give the little ones a, a chance, Ana Calderon said while choking back tears. I would hate to think of my kids being in the foster care system right now and aging out.

At that point, the Calderons had five children. Then came another call.

Their birth mother had had another child, said Carlos Calderon of his children's biological mother.

So the Calderons became Daniel's parents too.

He came at six weeks old. We didn't have experience with babies, said Carlos.

The couple expanded the house and stretched meals, all on Carlos' income as a Christian counselor. Ana is a stay-at-home mom.

Carlos and Ana say if you are thinking about adoption, you should do it solely to give a child the chance to experience love, to experience success, to experience a purpose and meaning in life.

Six adopted children, and then the improbable. Ana became pregnant.

She gave birth to Andres six months ago.

I'm doing what I'm supposed to. I have a great life, Ana said.

Two parents. Seven children. One home. No regrets.

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