HOUSTON -- A local waiter who gained international attention for standing up for a special needs child is once again helping that 5-year-old and others like him.

Michael Garcia s small act of kindness has launched to an even bigger one.

By day, Garcia is a mild mannered waiter at Laurenzo s Restaurant on Washington Avenue.

Three weeks ago, a customer made a rude comment about Milo, a special needs child, in the next booth, and Michael politely declined to serve that customer.

He risked his job to stand up for Milo, said MIlo's mom, Kim Castillo.

She posted the story on Facebook, and it went viral. People from around the world have sent in cards, tips, money and gifts to Michael.

On Thursday, Garcia was honored at Milo s school: the Rise School of Houston. Milo and his classmates made drawings, cards and posters.

I will cherish these always, said Garcia.

Garcia had a little something to present to the kids.

I have a check here for the Rise School for $1,145.00, he said. They sent it in my name, but I m giving it to the children because it's the right thing to do. This was a random act of kindness and look where it went.

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