SAN MARCOS, Texas -- 20-year old Arthur Martinez s mother Maryalice Torres can t believe her son is dead.

He s gone, and I didn t get to tell him goodbye, Torres said tearfully.

Saturday night, Martinez and his girlfriend Angel Herrera were at a party at a home on Allen Street in San Marcos when Herrera says there was a confrontation.

I heard yelling, and I heard someone saying 'get out of the way,' Herrera said.

Martinez was stabbed in the chest and in the head. Herrera s fingers were also sliced by the attacker.

He had a knife in his hands. And I see his arm going crazy, back and forth, back and forth, Herrera said.

Once Martinez was stabbed, his girlfriend said they got in to a truck to go the hospital, when they were stopped by a police barricade two blocks away.

They didn't do anything but ask questions. What's your name, where's your ID, where do you live?' Like he's bleeding to death and you're asking questions? It just doesn't make sense, said Herrera.

That questioning, according to Torres, cost her son his life.

Take him to the hospital, fix him and then you question him, she said.

San Marcos police tell KVUE the officer on scene, Officer Fisher, called for an ambulance as soon as he arrived and saw Martinez bleeding.

Police Chief Howard Williams said in a statement, The decision to have professionally trained paramedics treat and transport Mr. Martinez was clearly superior to permitting his transport by a distraught driver, who told officers at the scene that she did not know where to find the hospital.

Martinez family tells KVUE they plan to file a complaint against the City of San Marcos for allegedly delaying care.

If these people would have just let them go to the hospital or escorted them to the hospital instead of barricading them and questioning him - how can you question somebody who's dying? Torres said.

San Marcos police have released a timeline that shows officer Fisher arrived on scene at 12:31 a.m. Sunday, and the first ambulance arrived less than eight minutes later.

The ambulance left the scene at 12:55 a.m. and arrived at Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos in four minutes.

At 1:10 a.m., 39 minutes after Fisher reported the injury, Martinez was pronounced dead.

Now we have to make funeral arrangements for my boy, Torres said.

And Martinez s family wants to see the man responsible behind bars.

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