HARRIS COUNTY, Texas An off-duty Harris County Sheriff s deputy shot and killed a man who allegedly attacked another person with a knife outside a restaurant north of Houston.

The stabbing and subsequent shooting went down outside the Michoacan restaurant along the North Freeway near E. Airtex Drive.

According to witnesses, it all started with a fight between two women.

I was using the restroom and then the lady told me, Oh you pushed me, and I said, I didn t push you, you pushed me first, said one of the women involved in the original dispute.

Deputies say their male friends got invovled and things quickly turned violent. The brawl spread outside the restaurant. Witnesses said one of the men pulled out a gun and fired shots, but the bullets didn t hit anyone. The other man then pulled out a knife and stabbed the other man, according to investigators.

An off-duty deputy working security at a neighboring business witnessed the attack and pulled out his weapon, ordering the suspect to drop the knife. The deputy said the man not only ignored the commands to drop the knife, he continued to attack the other man. The deputy opened fire, killing the suspect.

The gunfire sent bystanders running.

I went to the kitchen and stayed there until everything calmed down, said one witness. I think they were drunk and fighting for a reason, but I m not sure for what.

The stabbing victim was sent to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

Witnesses later told deputies the altercation started when two women, the alleged girlfriends of the men who fought in the parking lot, bumped into each other in the restaurant.

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