BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas -- The Texas Department of Transportation said Tuesday new speed limit signs are going up along certain portions of Highway 6 far northwest of Houston.

The work was scheduled to begin Monday but was delayed due to potentially hazardous weather.

Officials said the new 75 mph speed limit alongHighway 6is only in effect if a sign is up stating such.

In a press release, TxDOT officials said the new 75 mph signs will be in place from the Robertson-Brazos County line to the Grimes-Brazos County line. The increased speed limit, up from 60 mph, will also go into effect on Highway 47 from Highway 21 to FM-60.

The work to install all the new Brazos County signs should be completed by the end of the week.

The 82nd Texas Legislature passed and the Governor signed House Bill 1353 which allows TxDOT to establish 75mph speed limits on highways providing studies show it can be done safely.

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