SAN ANTONIO San Antonio ranks in the dubious top ten when it comes to mail carriers being bitten by dogs. The problem is so big that the federal government tracks the numbers of bites requiring medical attention.

In 2012, the San Antonio postmaster reported 41 bites that required first aid and 10 dog attacks. Federal law makes homeowners liable for those medical bills.

North side resident Adam Garcia says his dog has a bad rep with his mail carrier.

I guess the mailman thought he was going to get bitten. My dog doesn t have a history. He s never bitten anybody. He s barked at a lot of people, said Garcia.

There are plenty of barking obstacles on the mail route in zip code 78201, but Garcia says his dog Wolfie isn t one.

I think he s a playful dog, if anything, Garcia said.

Postal officials say the shepherd mix has gone after the mailman on numerous occasions, with two attacks but no bites.

As a result, Garcia complains he stopped getting mail six months ago. And when he finally went to pick up his letters, they were gone -- all of them.

Well, my children didn t get any Christmas presents from my brothers and sisters that live out of town. And paying my bills has been really difficult. I can t begin to tell you, said Garcia.

Postal officials say they gave Garcia three notices in the last year before stopping his mail.

And if Garcia wants his mail delivered to his door, authorities say he needs to put his dog on a shorter leash... or get a post office box.
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