SAN ANTONIO - It will be a first of its kind for San Antonio and the nation.

The first paperless public library is set to open at the end of 2013 on San Antonio s south side.

BiblioTech a play on the word library in Spanish will be on the 2000 block of Pleasanton Road, just south of Military Drive. Currently, it is the Precinct One office for the county.

It is set to be the first paperless public library in the country, but there is another paperless library in San Antonio at UTSA, to be precise.

The college has been home to the first paperless academic library in the nation. It has been open since 2010, said Krisellen Maloney, Dean of Libraries at UTSA.

The better digital readers get, the more people will read online, she said, adding that the eLibrary has been a success.

The school said Judge Nelson Wolff contacted Maloney for tips and guidance on how the library at UTSA was implemented and what to expect.

It is the hope of the county that BiblioTech will be such a success, a second paperless library will be needed.

First we want to build this first one and see how it operates... and then we will decide what to do after that, Wolff said.

The county judge said readers will be able to use digital reading devices, such as Kindle, and will be able to download the content desired to the device. If the person using the device keeps the device past the due date, the electronic pages will simply delete.

Commissioners plan on voting on a budget for the library next week.

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