HARRIS COUNTY -- A car full of masked bandits attacked and robbed a homeowner in north Harris County.

The man was walking to his car when he was forced back into his home at gunpoint.

The father said, They jumped out with their guns drawn and said get in the house.

The man s pet lab tried to protect her owner by barking. They threatened to kill the dog, but allowed the man to put her in the backyard.

He said the armed men said, They kept telling me they re going to shoot me...

Investigators say the men ransacked his two-story home on Bodart Street.

They reportedly took guns, jewelry and electronics. Officers found a gun case in the street which had been dropped by the robbers. They also found a head scarf.

The attack is one of the latest to scare people who live in the Ponderosa Forest Subdivision near Ella and FM1960 in north Harris County.

Kate Harrah, whose mother lives in the neighborhood, said burglaries and attacks used to happen about once a year, but are now happening about once a month.

KHOU 11 News has asked the Harris County Constable Precinct 4 office for crime statistics for the subdivision.

The latest home invasion robbery has left many people who live here scared and wanting to move.

Fred Windisch bought a gun so he and his wife could protect themselves.

Windisch, who is also the Chief of the Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Department said, I ve had to spend money on alarm system and now we are using deadbolts in our home.

Neighbors say many new people are moving into the neighborhood and the area is growing and that may be the reason for the spike in crime.

Whatever the case, the man who was attacked on Friday says he s ready to move out too.

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