NEEDVILLE An Australian Shepherd dog is getting a second chance at a long and happy life thanks to some guardian angels.

Last month, Needville resident Gail Bercher found the dying dog in her garage. He had been shot multiple times and was close to death. The skin around his wounds was already rotting.

Bercher was a little frightened at first, but she knew the dog didn t have much time. She rushed him to her veterinarian, Dr. William Hester in Rosenberg.

When I brought him in here, my vet said don t worry, we ll get him through, said Bercher. And many surgeries later that s what he did.

They named the dog Frankie, after Frank Sinatra, because of his blue eyes.

Frankie underwent three surgeries and has slowly been nursed back to health.

He couldn t bark because of the hole in his esophagus, and now he can bark, Bercher said.

He was released from the vet on Thursday and went home to his new owner .

Look at Frankie. He s a happy boy, Bercher said. This is a great day for me.

One of Bercher s friends adopted Frankie.

She sent me pictures of him. I said, Gail, if he makes it I want him because I ve been without a dog for several years, the friend said.

He s a great dog and he s going to make her a great dog, said Gail. I ll be sad to see him go.

Frankie will have a big, fenced-in backyard to play in at his new home.

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