SAN ANTONIO -- A huge bust for U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Brownsville and Matamoros International Bridge has reportedly derailed a major drug delivery.

Heroin valued at more $3,090,000 was allegedly being smuggled into the country by a man driving a 1999 Ford F250. The suspect is a 50-year-old Mexico citizen who lives in Brownsville.

On December 20, officers suspected something was amiss when the primary examination revealed discrepancies in the truck. Upon closer inspection, officers said they discovered 14 kilograms of heroin stuffed in the drive shaft.

Meantime, in a separate case, CBP and Border Patrol agents discovered $157,000 hidden in a Nissan Xterra heading into Mexico at the Hidalgo International Bridge on December 22. The 19 bundles of cash was reportedly stowed in the vehicle's gas tank, the CBP said.

The driver was a 52-year-old Mexico resident.

Nearly 31 pounds of heroin worth over $3 million have been stopped by CBP officers at the Brownsville and Matamoros Bridge, said Gene Garza, Director, Field Operations, Laredo Field Office. Just up river at the Hidalgo Bridge CBP officers and Border Patrol agents have prevented close to $157,000 from being exported without complying with proper reporting requirements. I applaud and congratulate our officers and agents for the work they do every day.

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