HOUSTON -- At Houston s Unity Church of Christianity, Rev. Howard Caesar is not expecting the world to end on Friday, rather, he is expecting the world to end as we know it.

This is a great time, he said. This is an exciting time.

Caesar believes 12-21-12 will mark a gateway into a golden age, where humans will come together and crime will go down.

He is even holding a 7:30 p.m. service at his church on Friday night to celebrate.

We ve been in an era of fear and separation. Now it s to move to love and oneness. These are real, real things, he said.

It is why he is urging others to prepare by praying and meditating.

There has been enough conflict and violence, he said. Now we re moving into a time of light and out of the darkness.

Like many people, Caesar believes the ancient Mayans were right when they predicted change on 12-21. But what that change will be depends on who you ask.

Some say that civilization must get worse before it gets better. They believe more turmoil will help purify the planet.

Then there is NASA, which recently issued explanations on its website indicating why nothing will change at all on Friday.

Still, there are residents around Houston who are prepping.

Some, such as Tom Perez, have built hidden compounds. Others are more mystical.

This week, police charged a man named Mehrzah Malekvadeh for trespassing on railroad property. They said he was attempting to bury orgone crystals near train tracks.

Some people believe that crystals have purifying energy. Police say Malekvadeh told them he was trying to protect the area.

Not since Y2K have the numbers of a single day drawn so much hope or fear. Though there are worries over Armageddon, far more people do not seem to expect anything out of the ordinary to happen.

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