TOMBALL, Texas -- In the wake of the Connecticut massacre, State Representative Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball) plans to introduce new legislation in the next session.

She believes teachers and others on school campuses with handgun permits should be able to carry, whether school districts like it or not.

It is just logical, Rep. Riddle said. No gun zones means that there s a big sign that says hey we have no way to protect ourselves.

She is not alone.

This week U.S. Representative Louis Gohmert (R-Tyler) suggested something similar at the national level.

Gov. Rick Perry also believes those with the proper training and background checks should also be able to carry their weapons freely.

You should be able to carry your gun anywhere in the state, Gov. Perry said.

For the past four year years, one North Texas district has allowed staffers with proper permits to carry on campus.

The superintendent of the Harrold ISD, located 30 miles from the nearest police station, is proud of that policy.

My call to parents at the end of the day is your child is coming home, the bad guy is dead, Supt. David Thweatt said.

Yet some parents say guns and schools don t mix, and worry they will only cause problems.

Wendy Sulak has guns locked up in her home, but when it comes to school she said, I think that s crazy.

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