HOUSTON This is a story about attempting to right a wrong at Bam s Auto Express in southeast Houston. First, a little about the wrong.

Bam Lewis said 19-year-old Derwin Hadley came to his shop to have his car modified to accommodate new rims. The price tag for the work was more than $1,800. There was just one problem.

He had nota dollar in his pocket, said Lewis. He had no intentions of paying me or anything.

Lewis said Hadley pulled a gun when they got into a scuffle over his keys.

So he drug me out of my chair, and I just clamped onto his legs,and then he fell to the ground and I grabbed his neck. And I just held on. Held on, said Lewis.

In front of several children and customers in the shop at the time, Lewis said he and his son got the gun away from Hadley, and pinned him to the floor as they waited for police. He s charged with theft and unlawful possession of a weapon.

I ve got bruises all over my body, said Lewis

Lewis had planned to press for more serious charges until he met Hadley s parents, who came by the shop to apologize and pay their son s bill in full.

He s been running with the wrong crowd, trying to be something he s not, and I know this is not him. That is not him. He s better than this, but this is not him, said Hadley s father.

They re very humble spiritual people, and it makes me feel bad because I have kids, and he s a kid, said Lewis.

While Lewis said he won t press for more serious charges, the District Attorney s office will ultimately decide how to handle the case.

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