HARRIS COUNTY A Harris County father is credited with saving his kids Christmas by fighting off a Grinch with a gun.

Margo Orosco and his 2-year-old son, David, came home Tuesday to find a couple of thieves stealing all their presents

I found him just right here, you know, [with]the Xbox, Orosco said. I take my presents to Christmas, to give to my sons, and I say, It no fair.

Orosco s adrenaline kicked in and he jumped into action.

He began throwing bricks at the suspects.

He left one present over here and the two guys run that way, Orosco explained as he described the confrontation in his yard.

One guy got away. The other thief pointed his gun at Orosco.

So he tried to put it to me, so I have two bricks in my hands, so I throw to the guy, Orosco said.

The suspect dropped the gun and Orosco captured him. A neighbor tossed Orosco something to tie him up.

I catch it right there on the fence and started hitting, Orosco said. And I wrap it with the bungee cord, yeah bungee cord.

Deputies arrested the hogtied man and they re hoping he ll rat out his partner in crime.

I was scared later because I said, Man he got a gun, Orosco said.

But that didn t stop the father of two from saving Christmas.

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