GALVESTON An attorney is calling for a rally on the courthouse steps in support of criminal charges being filed in the case of a boy who police said was kept in a box.

Donna L. LeLeux is the court-appointed attorney for a boy by the initials J.W., who was 9 years old when he was reported July 22 as a runaway from his Galveston home.

Police found the boy three hours later, and state Child Protective Services were concerned about his living situation.

The boy told police he ran away from home because he didn t want to be locked inside his room, a police search warrant affidavit stated. Police searched the boy s home for evidence of the possession or promotion of child pornography, the affidavit stated.

The affidavit claimed the boy s father showed police an 8-foot by 6-foot particleboard box in the laundry room, and police accused a man of keeping his son locked inside.

Police reported finding shackles, a handcuff key, drug paraphernalia and a book called The Lost Boy among the items seized.

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