HOUSTON - Just because you win, doesn t mean you get respect.

When you are 11-1. You are the man! It s not on you to go out there and prove otherwise, radio host Brad Davies, of Sports Radio 610, said.

But if you have seen any national sports news lately, apparently it is, at least when it comes to the Houston Texans.

It is frustrating. I hear the guys from Pro Football Talk just give them no love whatsoever, Texans fan Max Chavis said.

That is not fair. Since they are No. 1 right now they should get top line. Headliners, Robert Vasquez, also a big Texans fan, said.

You don t see the home team at the top of any national headlines, but they are on a list.

How about Jim Rome? He goes on the NFL on CBS and has his list of pretenders and contenders, mentioned host Mike Melcher.

Despite the having top players like J.J. Watt, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, Rome had the Texans listed as pretenders.

What? Really? At 11 and 1? Pretenders? Chavis said. Melcher questioned Rome s method for determining the whether a team is a legitimate contender.

There is no way that Jim Rome is sitting there watching these Texans games, Melcher said.

Maybe he did not see the standings. They are 11 and 1! Davies said.

Leave it to ex-Texans player Chester Pitts to be the voice of reason.

Who cares? Pitts said. It doesn t matter today and it won t matter until you win the Super Bowl. Until you win deep in the playoffs.

In the end maybe it is not all bad that the Texans are not getting the run of some of the other big dogs because you see generally it is tough for a bull to sneak up on anybody.

At the end of the day, win games and keep playing well, Pitts said.

So what would legitimize the Texans in eyes of the national media?

I think a conference title would be enough for them. Super Bowl would be nice, too, Chavis said.

But Texans fans know the city s history when it comes to championship aspirations.

They always seem to get this close and someone keeps pushing them back down the hill. This could be the year that changes. It really could, Davies said.

There are plenty of memories, maybe nightmares, from the Astros to the Rockets, all the way back to the Oilers, to erase.

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