HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Deputies said a trio of suspects in a stolen pickup truck tried to rob a couple by ramming their SUV, causing it to flip late Thursday night.

All mom and dad wanted to do was go to Walmart to get groceries for their children, and that nearly cost them their lives on this road, their daughter said.

Around 11:30 p.m., three men cut off the SUV, trying to stop it.

The guys kept racing and going really fast, the daughter said.

The husband managed to back up and speed away. The suspects caught up with the couple and allegedly rammed their vehicle, causing it to flip on Aldine Bender Road near Chrisman Road.

The suspects jumped out of their vehicle and charged toward the victims.

The crash happened in front of a high school stadium where two Aldine Independent School District police officers witnessed witnessed it. They chased down the suspects, along with a sheriff s deputy.

One of the suspects was captured, but deputies said the other two got away on foot.

Deputies said the man driving the SUV was not injured, but his wife was trapped and had to be rescued. She was sent to the hospital to get checked out and was later released.

Now the family has medical bills and car repair bills that they really can t afford.

They were too scared to talk on camera and they asked us not to reveal their names.


PHOTOS: Suspects ram, flip couple's SUVduring robbery attempt

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