HOUSTON -- At the Athena Shooting Club, there s a glass case where Christian Louboutin shoes help sell guns.

I m telling a story that a woman can be a business professional, founder Susan Cho said. She can like fashion, but she can also be a lethal weapon.

Cho and her husband, John Boyert, are the team behind the new facility, which observers have described as a gun spa.

I think that would be a good description, Boyert said. If you look around at the way we designed the facility, the color, [and] the scheme.

The new shooting range along the Katy Freeway opens this weekend, and will include many features which are unusual to gun ranges.

The boutique looks like a jewelry store, yet nothing is under glass. Instead, unloaded guns are laid out on displays and customers can handle them.

In another part of the building, the VIP section uses facial recognition technology to let members in.

It could tell the difference between identical twins, Cho said. Inside, there is space to smoke cigars, hold a meeting, or lounge in leather chairs.

In addition to 26 shooting ranges, members can also practice in a state-of-the art simulator. Real guns with CO2 cartridges add to the experience, providing a kick when the gun is discharged.

Some early customers said this kind of facility is long overdue.

We were really looking for something that is a little more upscale, businessman Brian Kirkham said, something that kind of looks to the businessman that has a short amount of time during lunch.

Cho and her husband hope it is not just the men who come by. They hope their facility will be a place for everybody.

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