HOUSTON The Texans have already made history this year and fans are grabbing up souvenirs as a sweet reminder. Could those items you have today be worth big money later?

We went in search of the answer and found a weekly giveaway of free autographed Texans memorabilia. Read On!

Scores of fans sit in on the weekly Texans Radio talk show on 610 AM. Every Tuesday, the show runs from 6 p.m. to 7p.m. at Gallery Furniture and comes with some nice audience perks: a free raffle to give away signed souvenirs. On this night, 23-year-old Edward Gary won an Arian Foster autographed mini helmet. The University of Houston student picked up his prize wearing gloves.

He proudly showed them off, saying I got the Texans gloves on. He added, I bought them at the Texans store for $125.

Folks are willing to spend, especially on a winning team. The bigger and better a team gets, the more stuff there is to collect, but is there anything that s a smart investment for a fan?

Ted Nelkin runs HLT&T sports on Hillcroft and South Braeswood.

The most basic thing in our industry of course are cards and the most important card are the rookie cards, he said.

Cards are more easily sold because they complete sets for collectors.

They have a nationwide audience. Outside of Houston an Andre Johnson bobble head, not that sought after, Nelkin said.

What else is worth saving? Newspapers with Texan headlines and game items.

Save your ticket. Save your parking pass, he said. And collect things that are outside of the box. If there s a beer can or a coke can.

But Nelkin warned no one can really predict what will or won t sell years from now.

We advise you to get something cause you like something, he said.

Take Sonya Hinojosa who won an autographed photo of Arian Foster at the Texans Radio Show Raffle. But she won t try to make a buck off it. She ll send it to her son.

My son made a sacrifice to go the army, so it s a sacrifice to send it to him, she said.

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