HOUSTON Tia Brameld has made a career for herself at the Humble Municipal Court House. Twelve years into it, she is a deputy court administrator.

Plenty has changed since she started; from her job title, to her weight.

1t s depressing. It s emotional. It s mental. It s so much more than just, You know, stop eating, she said. No one realizes how much is involved.

And no one realizes the food urges she has.

It s almost like an addiction, Brameld explains. Nor does anyone realize the challenges that come along with the 289 pounds the 32 year-old wife and mother weighs.

My knees hurt. My back hurts. I just feel guilty. I can t do a lot of things with my kids I wish I could do.

In addition to her aches and pains Tia has Diabetes, a fatty liver, and suffers with painful and severe inflammation on the bottoms of her feet. All were either compounded by, or brought on, by her weight.

I have too many issues for my age. That s why I decided to do this, she said, speaking of her decision to have weight loss surgery.

After so many failed diets the operating room was Brameld s last hope for taking pounds off.

I m not trying to be a model. I m not trying to lose 300 pounds or anything like that, she said. I just want to be at a healthy weight.

Dr. Sherman Yu performed a sleeve gastrectomy on Bramfeld removing a portion of her stomach, which will in turn greatly suppress her appetite. She will no longer be hungry.

This is something that she really needs. It s not a cosmetic procedure, it s a medical procedure. Mainly we re trying to treat her diabetes, Dr. Yu said.

An hour in the operating room and Brameld will be on her way to a new healthier weight.

A lot of patients who aren t morbidly obese, this is hard for them to understand, says Dr. Yu. This isn t an easy way out. There s a lot of hard work Brameld going to be going through to get her where she needs to be. And at the end of the day we re helping her with her medical problems.

Brameld could be off her diabetes medication within the time it takes her to be released from the hospital following surgery. As for her weight, Tia could drop 30 to 40 pounds in the next five to six months.

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